About Us

Readymade’s knowledge of basement construction is underpinned by decades of experience placing us in a position occupied by few. We built our first basement in the mid 1970’s using traditional formwork and insitu concrete. Whilst various methods and materials have been since been introduced two constants remain in new build basements, the need for good design and excellent workmanship. Whilst failures in design are not uncommon the fact is most defects in new build basements arise as a result of poor workmanship.

It is mainly, but not exclusively, the reason why for the past 10 years we have used one of the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). It minimizes the risk of defects in workmanship which is the principle cause of defects in basement construction.

What we do

Readymade provide fully designed, off-site manufactured precast concrete basements for new build houses, apartment blocks, underground parking etc in the United Kingdom. Manufacturing in a factory controlled environment on fully automated flat bed production lines produces dimensionally accurate precast elements with a concrete density and surface finish difficult to replicate on site. Each element is formed by two leaves of precast reinforced concrete panels bonded together to form a Twin-Wall unit, complete with a cavity.

Once delivered to site the precast units are quickly assembled and cavities filled with waterproof concrete. The completed structure combines the quality, accuracy and build speed of precast with the flexibility and economy of on-site poured concrete. The system minimises the amount of work carried out on site which reduces the risk of errors in workmanship.

The result is a unique solution for lower ground living creating not only dry, warm habitable spaces for bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, games rooms etc but also a foundation for the whole house. Lightwells, sunken terraces, gardens and patios with staircases provide light, ventilation and access, all of which enhance the lower ground living experience. Once the basement is completed the house build can commence immediately.

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